A few days ago while driving home from seeing a community theater’s musical production of The Little Mermaid one of my daughters asked me “why does Venice have canals instead of roads?” It was a question that I was happy to answer. The question also inspired me to revisit some items on the topic that I new were in my blog’s archives, somewhere. Here’s my updated list of resources for teaching and learning about Venice. 

And head here for more posts inspired by the questions my daughters ask me. 

Venice Backstage is a seventeen minute video that explains how the water is contained, how the buildings stay upright, and how residents of Venice travel about the city.

The Venice Backstage website offers additional articles and graphics to support the information presented in the video.

Students can virtually explore Venice through this Street View Trek. The Street View Trek through Venice lets students travel the city on foot and travel through the canals in gondolas. The Street View Trek through Venice also gives students the opportunity to step inside historic buildings in the city.

Google Arts & Culture has thousands of items tagged with “Venice” for students to explore. I’d recommend starting with 7 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Venice.

How Did They Really Build Venice? is a five minute animated explanation of how and why Venice was built.

On a related note, I offer a Practical Ed Tech course all about making animated explanations. You can start that course today by heading here.