Halloween costumes for little girls are the topic of our blog post today!

As the spooky season approaches, it’s time to get your ghouls and goblins—ahem, I mean kids—decked out in their Halloween best. I know the quest for the perfect kids’ costume can be as elusive as a will-o’-the-wisp, but fear not. Today, I’m diving into a variety of kids’ Halloween costumes that are bound to make this holiday a memorable one. From the eerily adorable to the classically charming, I’ve got you covered.

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve already gone down the Halloween rabbit hole with posts on Halloween decorations that’ll spookify your home, costumes for men that range from macho to magical, chic and creative costumes for women, and a roundup of Halloween-themed books that are perfect for getting into the spirit. Today, let’s focus on the little trick-or-treaters in your life.

Halloween Costumes for Little Girls

Here are some interesting suggestions for Halloween costumes for little girls:

1. Soyoekbt Girls Unicorn Costume

Unicorn dreams come alive with this Soyoekbt Girls Unicorn Costume! The set includes a glowing sequin dress fitted with LED lights, a matching LED headband, and even a pair of wings—although, these don’t light up. What sets this apart is its unique design with a bow-tie knot at the back for ease of wear.

This magical ensemble is perfect for girls aged 3-8 and fits a range of occasions from unicorn-themed partie to Halloween and Christmas events. A quick note: the outfit is not washable, and you’ll need to buy 3 AAA batteries separately.

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2. Black Dress Up Costume

Next up is this chic black dress-up costume, complete with a dress, wig, socks, and belts. It’s a slim fit design, so make sure to check the size chart before making your purchase. The material is non-itchy and comfortable, with a two-layer fluffy skirt that adds a touch of elegance. Rich in accessories, this costume is great for cosplay, Halloween, and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. If your little girl prefers a mysterious and enchanting look, this is the costume to go for.

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3. Police Officer Girl Cop

If your child dreams of law enforcement, then this Police Officer Girl Cop costume is the ticket. It’s an all-inclusive set that features a button-up dress, belt, hat, walkie-talkie, holster, badge, whistle, and handcuffs—pretty much everything a mini-cop needs. The outfit is made with quality in mind; the shirt, pants, and hat are crafted from polyester while other accessories are made from durable plastic and artificial leather for the belt. Sizes range from toddler to XL for kids aged 3-14. This costume is easy to wear and versatile enough for various themed parties, Halloween, and even school plays.

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4. Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Toddler Costume

Let your toddler join in on the Halloween fun with this adorable Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Costume. Designed for little ones between the ages of 3 and 4, the costume is made from 100% polyester fabric and polyurethane foam. The one-piece dress emulates a pinafore layered over a patchwork shirt, and a hook and loop fastener at the back ensures easy dressing. To top it all, a built-in petticoat with a fringe edge adds that cute factor! This outfit’s best suited for kids who want to be a cute rather than scary presence during Halloween.

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5. Grim Reaper Costume with Gloves and Tights

If your little one wants to go on the darker side this Halloween, consider the Grim Reaper Costume. It’s a complete set including a dress, a hooded cape, glow-in-the-dark gloves and tights, a waist chain, and even a toy scythe. Made from 100% polyester, this costume is not only comfortable but also glows in the dark for added spookiness! It’s available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 to 16 years. And here’s the good part—it’s safety-tested. A perfect choice for those looking to add a hint of darkness to their Halloween festivities.

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6. Wicked Witch Costume

How about flying into Halloween night with this Wicked Witch Costume? This complete set offers a long-sleeved dress, a hat, a cape, and even a broom adorned with multi-colored ribbons that you can match with the outfit. It’s 100% polyester, ensuring a comfortable wear, and is available in sizes for kids aged 3 to 12. Whether your child is into the classics like the “Wicked Witch of the West” or a fan of contemporary takes like “Glinda the Good Witch,” this costume allows them to role-play to their heart’s content.

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7. Kids Cheerleader Costume

If your kiddo wants to take the cheerleader route but with a twist this Halloween, this Zombie Cheerleader Costume set offers the best of both worlds. This getup isn’t your typical cheerleader ensemble—it’s got a spooky flair that’s perfect for Halloween. The set includes a top, skirt, pom poms, gloves, socks, black ribbon, and sleevelettes, all made from 100% polyester. It’s durable, so your little cheerleader can run around ‘cheering’ for the zombie apocalypse all night long. Super fitting for a zombie-themed party or if you want to stir up the traditional trick-or-treat scene.

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8. Funky Punky Bones Colorful Skeleton

If traditional skeletons are too monochrome for your taste, then this Funky Punky Bones Colorful Skeleton costume brings a kaleidoscope of colors to Halloween. Made with 100% polyester, this complete set includes a multi-colored shirt, skirt, leggings, sleeves, and even hair extensions. It’s soft, lightweight, and has a full-body rainbow print. The neon colors give a funky, modern twist to a classic Halloween costume. Imagine your kiddo’s delight running around looking like a ‘Day of the Dead’ painting brought to life. Great for Halloween and other events, like unicorn theme parties or school projects.

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9. Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Bring a classic fairy tale to life with this Little Red Riding Hood Costume. The dress combines velvet and satin elements in a striking red and black flower print, all made from 85% cotton and 15% polyester. It comes with a red hooded cape to complete the iconic look. The tie at the neckline ensures the cape stays in place, keeping your little one warm as they venture through their ‘forest’ of Halloween adventures. This costume beautifully captures the innocence and bravery of the famous storybook character.

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10. Black Hooded Robe Costume

For a mystical and enchanting look, the Black Hooded Robe Costume offers a combination of dark allure and royal style. The set includes a dress with an attached hood but excludes a necklace—so you have room for your personal touch. Made from 100% polyester, the robe is both durable and comfortable. Its enigmatic aura makes it a versatile choice—be it a good witch, a wicked witch, or any character from the realm of dark fantasy.

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Final thoughts

And there we have it—a cauldron full of options to make your little one’s Halloween magical, whimsical, or downright spine-chilling. As much as I love digging into educational tech tools and sharing books, there’s something just as rewarding about helping you create wonderful family memories during this spooky season. I’m sure that any of these costume choices will make for adorable photos and even more adorable memories.

If you missed my previous posts about Halloween decorations, costumes for men and women, or books perfect for the season, make sure to check Halloween resources section for a comprehensive guide to nailing Halloween this year. Now, go forth and conjure up some Halloween fun for your little goblins. Happy haunting, everyone!

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