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I can already feel the excitement in the air—Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days are just around the corner, and let me tell you, there are some fantastic deals waiting for us. But here’s the thing, we’ve all been down that rabbit hole of endless scrolling and still not finding what we need, right? Been there, done that. That’s why I’ve done some pre-shopping research for you all.

This year, Fisher-Price and Thomas & Friends have come out with some exceptional deals that you shouldn’t sleep on. Why? Because, as someone who’s been both a classroom teacher for 15 years and now an educational researcher, I’m convinced these aren’t just toys. They’re brilliant educational tools in disguise—think of them as little trojan horses of learning.

Take for instance the Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot. It’s discounted at 15% for $59.99 from its original price of $70.99. You may see a toy robot, but what I see is a perfect gateway for kids aged 3-6 years into the world of coding. Educational theory strongly supports learning through play; in fact, a paper in the Journal of Educational Psychology highlights that children learn complex subjects like coding better when it’s presented in a playful, less structured environment.

And it’s not just coding. We’ve got deals on everything from motorized toy trains that improve motor skills to action figures that spark imaginative play. Even the good ol’ Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Track Set, down 20% at $42.99 from $53.99, can be an excellent tool for teaching concepts like cause and effect, spatial awareness, and engineering basics. Plus, who can resist the joy on a kid’s face when they unwrap one of these?

So, without further ado, here’s my curated list of toys available on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, complete with the current deal prices. I’ve combed through them meticulously, keeping our teaching and parenting needs in mind.

[Hey, just a heads-up, folks—I’m an Amazon Affiliate Associate. What that means is, if you click on any of these Prime Big Deal Day links and make a purchase, I’ll earn a small commission at not cost to you.]

1.Train Talking Nia Battery-Powered Engine with Character Phrases & Sounds for Ages 3+ Years (-36% )

Great for auditory learners, this talking train engages kids with phrases and sounds, enhancing language development and comprehension skills. Plus, at 36% off, it’s a steal.

Buy Nia Battery-Train on Amazon

2. Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot, electronic learning toy robot for preschool kids ages 3 to 6 years (-15%)

Perfect for introducing kids to coding and logic in a playful way. It helps build problem-solving skills while making STEM less intimidating for youngsters.

Buy Kinderbot on Amazon

3. Fisher-Price Santiago of the Seas Pirate Ship Lights & Sounds El Bravo Playset with Santiago Figure for Ages 3+ Years (-42% )

This pirate ship is excellent for imaginative play, helping kids to develop storytelling skills, social interactions, and an understanding of cause and effect.

Buy Pirate Ship on Amazon

4. Diecast Train & Track Set Knapford Station 2-In-1 Playset & Storage Case For Preschool Kids Ages 3+ Years (-17%)

This 2-in-1 playset is not just a toy but also a storage case, teaching kids organization skills while feeding into their love for trains

Buy this Train & Track Set on Amazon

5. Fisher-Price Imaginext Preschool Toys Boss Level Army Pack 9-Piece Monkey & Gorilla Figure Set for Pretend Play Ages 3+ Years (-20%)

Fantastic for pretend play and can help boost a child’s social-emotional skills. The different characters also allow kids to explore roles and scenarios.

Buy Imaginext Preschool Toys on Amazon

6. Diecast Toy Train Set Mystery Of Lookout Mountain Track Playset With 7 Push-Along Engines For Kids Ages 3+ Years (-25%)

Engages kids in storytelling and imaginative play, and the multiple push-along engines also introduce the concept of sharing and taking turns.

Buy this Toy Train Set on Amazon

7. Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Playset Super Surround Batcave with Lights Sounds & Phrases for Ages 3+ Years, 33 x 42 Inches (Amazon Exclusive) (-22%)

More than just a superhero toy, it comes with various interactive elements that help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Buy DC Super Friends Batman Playset on Amazon

8. Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur Lab Playset with Owen Grady Maisie & Dr. Grant Figures, Therizinosaurus & Dimetrodon, Ages 3+ Years (Amazon Exclusive) (-20%)

This playset encourages curiosity about natural history and science, offering an adventurous way to introduce kids to the world of dinosaurs.

Buy Jurassic World Dinosaur Lab Playset on Amazon

9. Imaginext Preschool Toy Gorilla Fortress Playset with Poseable Figures & Accessories for Pretend Play Ages 3+ Years (Amazon Exclusive) (-20%)

Great for imaginative and cooperative play, it can also introduce kids to concepts like habitat and wildlife conservation.

Buy Toy Gorilla Fortress Playset on Amazon

10. Motorized Toy Train Secret Agent Thomas Battery-Powered Engine With Cargo For Preschool Kids Ages 3+ Years (-18%)

Stimulates imaginative play with a twist of adventure and mystery, helping kids grasp narrative structures and role-playing.

Buy Motorized Toy Train Secret Agent on Amazon

11. Motorized Toy Train Percy’S Mail Delivery Battery-Powered Engine With Cargo For Preschool Kids Ages 3+ Years (-18%)

This toy is a wonderful way to discuss community helpers and their roles, all while engaging in imaginative play.

Buy Toy Train Percy’S Mail Delivery on Amazon

12. Wooden Railway Track Set Expansion Clackety Track Pack, 22 Wood Pieces For Preschool Kids Ages 3+ Years (-20%)

Enhances fine motor skills and spatial awareness, plus it’s made of wood, which is a win for sustainability-conscious parents.

Buy Wooden Railway Track Set on Amazon

13. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Toy the Joker Funhouse Playset Color Changers with 2 Figures & Accessories for Ages 3+ Years (-15%)

This set is not just for Batman fans; it promotes imaginative play while subtly teaching kids about the dynamics of good versus evil.

Buy Super Friends Batman Toy on Amazon

Final thoughts

Alright, folks, as the clock ticks down to Prime Big Deal Days, I hope this curated list has lightened your load a bit. I’ve done my best to dig deep into the educational benefits of each toy, so you don’t just see them as playthings but as catalysts for learning and development. Let’s not forget the importance of play in learning—Jean Piaget wasn’t joking when he said, “Play is the work of childhood.”

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