In today’s digitally saturated world, staying informed about our loved ones’ whereabouts and online activities is more important than ever. Whether it’s ensuring the online safety of our children, keeping an eye on elderly family members, or just wanting peace of mind about our loved ones, having the right tools at our disposal is crucial. That’s where this guide comes in handy. We’ve rounded up some of the best monitoring tools available, each uniquely equipped to offer an extra layer of security in our digital lives.

In this post, we’re focusing on tools that excel in parental control and tracking the location of our elderly family members. These tools are not just about monitoring; they’re about caring, understanding, and staying connected in a world that’s increasingly virtual.

It’s essential to note that these tools should be used responsibly and ethically. Tracking someone’s phone without their permission isn’t just invasive—it’s illegal. Our aim here is to provide solutions that enhance safety and communication within the legal and ethical boundaries.

Before diving into the detailed reviews, I want to be transparent with my readers. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to make a purchase through these links. Rest assured, my focus is to share honest, thorough insights about each tool, helping you make informed decisions about which one aligns best with your needs. So, let’s explore these tools and find the right fit for keeping your loved ones safe and connected.

How to Easily Track and Find Someone Location with Phone Number

Here are our top picks for the best tools to track and find someone location with phone number.

1. Scannero (Best overall)

Scannero is definitely one of the best tools to find someone’s location using a phone number. If ever worried about where your kid or elderly might be, Scannero can help. The tool is simple and easy to use, no technical knowledge required. Here is how it works: First, start by creating an account using your email and a password, once registered, type in the phone number you want to track and a phone number.

Scannero.IO will then send a text message that will locate the phone number. You will receive the exact location of the phone number via email and view it on the map in your dashboard.

Besides tracking someone’s location by phone number, Scannero also offers a suite of features for diverse needs. For instance, its link generation tool allows users to share a link through any messenger, SMS, or email to find someone’s exact location once they click it.

The reverse phone and username lookup features are particularly handy, helping users identify unknown callers and uncover online profiles linked to a given nickname. Lost your phone? Scannero also offers a feature to send messages to your lost device, increasing the chances of recovery.

And in today’s data-sensitive world, the Email & Phone Leak checker is a gem, scanning databases to alert you if your personal information is compromised. Additionally, Scannero supports various network types and promises fast and discreet tracking capabilities, making it a versatile choice for those wondering how to track a cell phone or how to find a phone by number.

To learn more about this tool, check out our Scannero review post.

2. Eyezy

Eyezy is another robust phone monitoring software, offering a suite of surveillance features wideal to use for parental control or to track the location of your loves one using phone number. Eyezy is designed to be user-friendly and compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets.

Like Scannero, Eyezy is simple and easy to use. Once installed, Eyezy allows users to monitor texts, social media chats, photos, and more, keeping all this data secure with bank-grade encryption. One of its standout features is the Artificial Intelligence alerts, which proactively notify users about potentially harmful or inappropriate activities.

Other key features provided by Eyezy include keystroke capture (revealing every typed word), Social Spotlight (provides access to private text conversations and social media chats), Pinpoint (uses GPS and WiFi network analysis to track locations accurately), and Plans Breaker and Files Finder (offer insights into social calendars and stored files). Additionally, Web Magnifier, Connection Blocker, Magic Alerts, and Phone Analyzer provide comprehensive monitoring and control over internet usage, app access, and call logs.

3. mSpy

mSpy positions itself as the go-to solution for parents seeking to keep tabs on their children’s phone and online activities discreetly. The app’s slogan, “Know more. Worry less,” encapsulates its mission to provide peace of mind to parents through comprehensive monitoring features.

Setting up is a breeze: create a free account, pick a plan suited to your needs, and start monitoring from a user-friendly control panel. mSpy is adaptable, working across various devices and operating systems, offering both jailbreak and local sync options. It updates every 5 minutes using bank-grade encryption, ensuring the information is both current and secure.

The app’s capabilities are extensive: from tracking every keystroke and tap to monitoring social media chats and reviewing texts, even those deleted. It also includes a GPS Locations Tracker, offering real-time location monitoring and a route history feature.

3. PhonSee

PhonSee is a versatile cell phone tracker for both iPhone and Android users. Designed to operate undetected, it offers a constant monitoring mode, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your loved ones’ whereabouts and activities. The quick setup make it a user-friendly option for those new to mobile tracking.

PhonSee’s strength lies in its real-time location tracking system, enhanced by advanced geofencing technology. This feature alerts users instantly when their loved ones enter or exit designated safe zones. Additionally, PhonSee’s suite of tools extends beyond location tracking, offering protection against online threats.

It allows you to monitor social media accounts, browser activity, emails, and more, ensuring comprehensive online safety. The app includes a range of features like pinpoint GPS location, the ability to set up virtual boundaries, detailed location data, call monitoring, text message scanning, email reading, and access to the contact list.

4. Parentaler

Parentaler is as a comprehensive tool for monitoring kids’ online communication, offering a blend of vigilance and subtlety. It allows parents to keep tabs on conversations across various messaging platforms and social media, all while operating under the radar without alerting the children.

The GPS tracking feature is a standout, offering real-time locations, historical data, and geofencing alerts – a digital guardian angel, if you will. Setting virtual boundaries is another key feature, where Parentaler enables blocking of explicit content, games, and even specific Wi-Fi networks.

Beyond this, the app extends its monitoring to calls, texts, and emails, providing detailed information including timestamps and attachments. For the visually oriented, it offers multimedia monitoring and alerts based on specified keywords. The screenshot and calendar checks further enhance the monitoring capability, akin to being a virtual fly on the wall.

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5. Bark

Bark is another great parental control app. Running quietly in the background, it doesn’t just log concerning activities but actively alerts parents through email, text, or push notifications. This feature is particularly valuable as it creates opportunities for meaningful parent-child dialogues about online interactions and wellbeing.

When it comes to screen time and website access, Bark offers a comprehensive and customizable solution. Parents can set specific internet usage times and block a wide range of websites, thereby fostering healthy digital habits and safeguarding against inappropriate content.

The setup process is user-friendly, and the notification system that alerts parents about attempts to access blocked content adds an extra layer of security. Bark’s location tracking feature further enhances parental peace of mind, with real-time mapping, check-ins, and location alerts, especially beneficial for parents of independent teenagers or younger children.

The app’s monitoring capabilities are extensive, covering texts, photos, videos, emails, and a myriad of apps and online activities, including incognito browsing. Additionally, Bark’s website blocking feature, with its customizable filtering and notification system, coupled with Bark Home that extends these capabilities to all home Wi-Fi-connected devices, makes it a robust tool for creating a secure digital environment and guiding children towards responsible digital citizenship.

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Final thoughts

As we’ve explored today, each of these tools offers unique features and capabilities to help us stay connected and informed about our loved ones’ safety and well-being. From Parentaler’s discreet monitoring of online communications to Bark’s comprehensive content and location tracking, these tools are designed with care and responsibility at their core. They provide not just a technological solution but also a peace of mind, knowing that we’re doing our part in safeguarding our families in the digital age.

It’s crucial to remember, however, that with great power comes great responsibility. While these tools offer us invaluable insights and control, they should always be used with respect for privacy and legality. The goal is not to invade the personal space of our loved ones but to ensure their safety and maintain open lines of communication.

Whether you’re a parent looking to guide and protect your children online, a caregiver for elderly family members, or simply someone who values the safety and well-being of your loved ones, these tools can be a significant asset. They bridge the gap between freedom and safety, offering a balanced approach to digital monitoring. I encourage you to explore these options, keeping in mind your specific needs and the importance of ethical usage.

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