Vision Pro is launching on February 2nd with a good number of first-party accessories and in-box items. If you’re shelling out at least $3,500 for the thing, you might as well protect it from scratches and dust, and kit it out with everything under the sun while you’re at it. Here are a few great options:

Third-party Accessories

Spigen Klasden Pouch – $90

Image courtesy Spigen

There are scant few cases that were built from the ground-up for Vision Pro beyond the first-party case from Apple. Still, the headset’s form-factor isn’t terribly unique, and you may be able to get away with something meant for Quest. Still, Spigen is well known for robust and design-oriented protective phone cases and accessories, making it a good choice since it was specifically created for Vision Pro. Spigen’s Klasden Pouch features a rigid exterior, padded interior, pillowy divider, and built-in organization for cables, battery pack, and a secret AirTag compartment too so you can always tabs on your Vision Pro. Pre-order through Spigen ($90)

BandWerk Headstraps – $159

Image courtesy BandWerk

You don’t need a Nappa leather head band for Vision Pro, but then again, unless you’re developing the next big AR app for Apple’s continuing line of headsets, you don’t really need a Vision Pro either. This luxury leather head band from BandWerk is handcrafted in Germany, featuring high-quality Italian leather. The supplied Dual Loop band is probably more comfortable, but this one is just prettier. Available in brown, grey, creme, grey-orange, and black. Buy direct from BandWerk ($159)

GOSETH Clear Case – $25

Image courtesy GOSETH

Vision Pro’s faceplate is made of curved glass panel that’s just begging to be dropped and shattered. While we can’t say for certain whether this shock-absorbing TPU bumper case will do the job of protecting your Vision Pro, it’s a good first line of defense in making sure you don’t get dings or scratches on your new headset. Sure, it looks like the cheapie phone case you get for free with a mid-tier Android, but you’ll probably be glad you have at least something the first time the headset takes a tumble. Available in clear, and black, red, blue, white, and grey. Buy on Amazon ($25)

Lens Cleaning Pen

Image courtesy CNBEYOUNG

Apple hasn’t published a guide yet on exactly how to clean your Vision Pro. But like with all XR headsets, the more delicate you are with your lenses, the longer they will be in pristine condition. That means no abrasive cloths, like wiping them off with your shirt or a tissue, or using harsh chemicals that may strip away delicate coatings. One of the best ways of doing quick occasional maintenance (short of using the supplied polishing cloth) is a lens cleaning pen like the one photographers use to clean their camera lenses. You can nab one for as low as $7 on Amazon, or a whole set with multiple brushes, wipes, carrying cases, the works. Check them out on Amazon

Belkin Battery Holder for Apple Vision Pro – $50

Image courtesy Apple

Technically offered direct through Apple, this Vision Pro battery case allows for a convenient and versatile hands-free experience, letting you clip the battery onto a belt or pants, while the cross-body strap gives those without clip access a great way to be hands-free while experiencing Apple Vision Pro. Buy on ($50)

ZEISS Optical Inserts – Starting at $99.00

Image courtesy Apple

Like many XR headset, glasses just don’t fit inside Vision Pro. And for fear of scratching either Vision Pro or your glasses, you really shouldn’t try. ZEISS, a trusted naem in eyewear, is offering two types of optical inserts that snap into the headset, which should already be personally fit to your unique head. Available in prescription or readers. Buy on (starting at $99)

Other Brands to Watch Out For

Speck: Speck announced last summer it would be building a travel case, a protector for Vision Pro’s outer shell, and a battery case. No word on pricing yet.
Casetify: Casetify also announced last summer it’s releasing a “Bounce Vision series” of headbands, neck straps, cushions, and cases for Vision Pro, which feature some pretty unique colorways and funky shock-absorbing corner protectors. Again, no pricing here.

Compatible Apple Accessories

Don’t forget: as an Apple product, you can expect Vision Pro to play nicely with a number of official Apple accessories and peripherals, which includes:

Magic Keyboard ($100): For all of Vision Pro’s virtual typing wizardly, you may still want to have a physical keyboard for fast and reliable text input. Ok, you don’t need a Magic keyboard, just a Bluetooth one (or even just a connected iPhone), but if you already have one laying around, you” appreciate being able to exercise that muscle memory.
Magic Trackpad ($130): Hand-tracking is also pretty great on Vision Pro, but you may not be somewhere you can ‘pinch to move’ a webpage or spreadsheet, like a crowded coffee shop or airport, giving a physical (and more precise) option the leg up.
AirPods Pro ($250): Blasting public spaces with your audio is bad, and you should feel bad for doing it. Thankfully, the latest version of AirPods Pro will support lossless audio with ‘ultra-low latency’ to ensure that what you see and what you hear are closely synchronized for an immersive experience. Any wireless headset should work, but who else is promising lossless audio?
PS5 DualSense controller ($70): Apple isn’t putting an emphasis on gaming, which is a big reason the thing doesn’t come with a controller in the first place. Still, Apple officially support’s Sony’s controller for PS5, which you’ll find useful in games available through Apple Arcade.

There are a number of things we’re still waiting to see come from the regular ecosystem of accessory creators, including docks, different headstraps, silicone facial interfaces, and more style accessories. We’ll be updating this list as time goes on, so check back for the best Vision Pro accessories.

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