BeTimeful is a browser extension that is designed to hide social media distractions during your working hours. There are similar browser extensions that block your access to social media sites during working hours. What makes BeTimeful different is that instead of entirely blocking your access to social media sites, BeTimeful hides all distracting content like “related,” “recommended,” and “trending,” content. What that means is you can post on social media with BeTimeful installed, but you can can’t see anything other than your own updates. 

When you install BeTimeful you can set working hours for yourself (it imports your Google Calendar settings to do that). Outside of working hours BeTimeful won’t hide or block anything. During working hours BeTimeful hides all social media distractions. 

BeTimeful can work in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It will work on your laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet. 

Watch this short video to see how BeTimeful works. 

Applications for Education
BeTimeful could be helpful to college or high school students who need a little help staying focused on their work while writing or researching.