Factile is a free learning website that enables teachers to create jeopardy-style quiz games that can be played both in classroom or remotely using Buzzer Mode. Teachers can create their games from scratch or they can search among thousands of premade game templates to start with . 

Teachers can also create their games on Excel or Google Docs and upload them directly to  Factile. Factile also provides the option to create flashcards from games and share them with students for individual review and practice (see video tutorial at the bottom of the page).

Teachers are provided with a wide range of customization options to add their personal touch to Factile games. For instance, they can add their own mascots, change game board color, insert background images, insert images and videos to questions and answers, insert math equations into games, add sound effects to enhance engagement, assign games and flashcards to students from Google Classroom, organize games into various folders, upload thinking music to games, and many more. Once the game is ready students can play it in four ways: as Factile jeopardy-style, Multiple Choice, Memory, or as Flashcards.

What is Factile Buzzer Mode?

The Buzzer Mode enables users to ‘buzz’ into a game from a mobile device or computer. The good thing about Buzzer Mode is that it lets you ‘keep track of which player or team elects to answer a question first and gives your players an easy way to elect to answer a question.’

Besides Buzzer Mode, there are also other ways teachers can remotely engage students in playing Factile games. These include using screen sharing platforms that are compatible with Factile such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc; using Interactive Choice mode (see below to learn more about this mode), and there is also the possibility for students to use online flashcard version of the game to play at their own pace. 

Factile game modes

Factile offers different play modes, some of these include:
1. Factile Classic Memory mode
Factile allows you to play games as memory games. Players need to match question and answer tiles. ‘The game board displays numbered tiles and the players select which tile to “flip” and then try to match that tile with its corresponding Question or Answer.’ Players can also use the Q/A Hint button on the right side to help with identifying which cards are question tiles and which are answer tiles. 

2. Multiple Choice
Factile games can also be played as Multiple Choice games. Simply open a game for play and click on Play as Choice and select the correct answer from the three options. If you use Buzzer Mode, team members will be able to answer questions directly from their devices and earn points.

3. Interactive Choice mode
The interactive Choice mode enables players to play on their own while the moderator tracks their progress and view performance analytics. This mode is especially useful in distance and asynchronous learning settings where students engage in self-paced review activities. Interactive Choice mode does not require a moderator.

How much does Factile cost?

Factile offers three different plans: a free plan with limited features (e.g., create custom games, share games, play public games, etc), a Pro account for Home/School which costs $5/month or $48/year, and a Pro account for Business which costs $9.50/month or $90/year. Both fo the pro accounts offer more advanced features.

Watch this video to learn more about Factile