At its annual Connect developer conference this week Meta revealed that Stress Level Zero’s Quest 2 game Bonelab (2022) made its first $1 million in revenue less than an hour after launch, making it the fastest-selling app in Quest history.

Released late last month, Bonelab capitalizes on the physics-based fun of Stress Level Zero’s popular PC VR action-adventure game, Boneworks (2019).

As a sandbox game designed from the ground-up for Quest, Bonelab was uniquely positioned to give standalone headset users their first taste of the engine behind a host of memes. You know, the brutal and cartoonish violence that fuels stuff like Deadpool swinging around with Spider-Man skillz and 360 no-scoping an innocent NPC into oblivion.

On Quest, Bonelab has already broken 8,000 reviews on the Meta Quest Store, giving it a user aggregate score of [4.58/5] stars. Bonelab also launched on PC VR headsets too, garnering a ‘Mostly Positive’ user rating from over 6,000 players on Steam.

In a larger info dump, Meta also revealed there were a few other games were raring to compete against Bonelab. In its first 24 hours, Armature Studio’s VR refresh of classic horror-shooter Resident Evil 4 (2021) broke $2 million in revenue on Quest.

Ramen VR broke the $1 million revenue mark on Quest in just 24 hours for its MMORPG Zenith: The Last City (2022).

WarpFrog’s Blade & Sorcery: Nomad (2021), the Quest 2 adaptation of its PC VR title, made its first $1 million in just two days.