If you haven’t already cobbled together your own third-party solutions, Meta is now offering an ‘Active Pack’ that includes a few things to keep your Quest clean, and Touch controllers safely in-hand as you work out in VR. And that last one seems to be taking some clear inspiration from Valve’s Index controllers.

Despite the glut of fitness-focused VR games out now, like Supernatural or Racket: NX, stock Quest 2 headsets just aren’t built with sweat in mind.

Now Meta is pitching a new Active Pack kit for Quest 2 that includes a wipeable facial interface, an extra pair of wrist straps, and adjustable knuckle straps—priced at $70.

Image courtesy Meta

Like with the Valve Index controllers, which in prototype stage were actually called ‘Knuckles’, the strap allows you to crank down your controllers so they not only stay put when you’re swinging around wildly, but also provides a greater degree of immersion since you can technically let go of the controller and ‘pick it back up’ when you need to grab a virtual object.

As for the facial interface, which is made of PU, you can find those almost anywhere now, especially after the debacle where the foam face pad on Quest 2 was irritating people’s skin. Anyway, if a free silicone facial insert didn’t already arrive in the box, you may be eligible for one if you bought a Quest 2 headset or Quest 2 fit pack before August 24th, 2021. Click here to request one for free.