Many years ago I was at the annual ISTE conference when I heard a speaker say, “if you want the biggest authentic audience for your students’ work, put it on YouTube.” I think he had a good point because it is possible for your students’ work be seen by millions of people if it’s really good and it fits the algorithm-of-the-day at YouTube. The reality is that using YouTube is just a convenient way for you to share your videos with the your students and for them to share with you. 

There are a few YouTube settings you need to know how to use before you use YouTube to publish school-related videos. Those settings are explained and demonstrated in this updated video that I recently recorded. 

In the video you’ll learn:

How to upload to YouTube.Privacy settings for your uploads.How to control comments.How to blur faces and objects in your uploaded videos.

(Although I think I remember who made that statement at ISTE, I don’t want to misattribute it).