The purpose of this post is to provide you with a handpicked collection of free printable Christmas math worksheets and activities to use with your kids and students in class or at home. The worksheets contain various math activities, games, and puzzles to help kids learn math and develop key arithmetic skills, all while having fun. 

The Christmas themed worksheets are especially ideal to use this holiday season. kids will have fun working on Santa’s math problems and will definitely appreciate a little help from him as well!

For more educational Christmas resource, check out Christmas Resources for Teachers section. It contains printable Christmas presentation templates, Santa Tracking apps, Secret Santa GeneratorsChristmas Puzzles and Crosswords for kids and adults, best Christmas movies, and many more.

1. Christmas Math, at Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets offers this collection of printable Christmas worksheets that you can easily print and use with your students. Christmas math worksheets are organized into the following categories: Christmas addition, Graphing, Christmas word problems, Geometry, Christmas clocks telling time, Christmas subtraction, color-by-number, and more. Most of these materials are available for free download in PDF format.

2. Christmas Math Worksheets, at offers this diverse selection of printable Christmas math worksheets for kids of all ages. You can use the site’s search box to search for specific math worksheets. You can filter your search by grade, subject, topic, and standard. 

Examples of math worksheets include Color by Number Christmas Tree, Christmas Picture Math, Color by Number Reindeer, Christmas Count. As a free user, you have limited access to the site’s resources. To unlock the site’s full features you need to upgrade to one of the two premium plans: a Monthly plan costs $15.99 and an Annual plan costs $9.99.

3. Christmas Math worksheets, at K5 Learning

K5 Learning provides access to a wide variety of Christmas themed worksheets covering different topics including math, vocabulary, writing, spelling, coloring, puzzles, and many more. The Christmas math worksheets sections contains: Christmas Geometry, Christmas Numbers and Counting, Christmas Patterns, and Christmas Math. Click on the one you are interesting in to open the worksheet in PDF format. 

While these materials are free, K5 Learning does offer premium membership which comes with additional benefits such as grade levels removed, no ads, direct share to Google Classroom, more practice worksheets, separate question and answer pages, the ability to download entire sets of worksheets with a single click, and many more. Membership costs $24 per year for each teacher or family.

4. Christmas Math Worksheets, at Math Worksheets 4 Kids

Math Worksheets 4 Kids is another place where you can access a wide range of printable Christmas worksheets for kids in kindergarten through grade 4. These worksheets cover numerous Christmas themed learning activities such as making Christmas cards, doing arithmetic operations (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), making line plots, connecting dots, coloring pages, unscrambling words, and more. 

Examples of the featured math worksheets include Christmas Counting, Christmas Odd and Even, Christmas Patterns, Christmas Number Names, Christmas Symmetry, Christmas Addition Word Problems, Christmas Subtraction Picture Puzzle, and many more.

5. Christmas Themed Math Worksheets, at Kidzone

Kidzone offers this collection of printable Christmas Math worksheets for kids in kindergarten through grade five. These materials are available for free download in image format. No sign-up or registration required. Go through the collection, choose the worksheet you want to use with your kids, click to open it in a new window and use the print function in your keyboard to print it (for Mac click on Command + P, for Windows click on Ctrl + P).

6. Christmas Math Worksheets, at features a large selection of Christmas math worksheets as well as regular math worksheets decorated with Christmas ornaments. These materials are available for free download in both student and teacher friendly format. Some of the popular Christmas math worksheets include: Word Problems, Christmas Cartesian Art Santa, Shake the Present Simplified, Ordering/Sorting Numbers 0 to 10 on a Christmas Tree, and many more.

7. Christmas Multiplication Worksheets, at offers free printable Christmas multiplication worksheets. “Each worksheet has a secret word puzzle that is solved by matching the answers to the Secret Message Alphabet Key at the bottom of the page.” All of these worksheets are available for free download in PDF format. Browse through the collection, pick the one you like and click to open it as a PDF then you can print and share with your kids and students.