A couple of weeks ago a loyal reader reached to me for my thoughts about sharing audio recordings via QR codes. His idea was to place QR codes on objects within his classroom and school so that students could scan them to hear his audio recordings. There were two tools that I recommended to him. The first was Mote and the second was Vocaroo

Both Mote and Vocaroo will let you create short audio recordings and will automatically generate QR codes for you to download and share. Mote also includes the option to view a history of the use of your QR codes so that you can see how many times your students have played your audio recording. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to create short audio recordings to share via QR code. 

Applications for Education
Creating QR codes to share audio recordings is a good way to include additional information about an object when you don’t have enough space to write all the text that you need. For example, if you were to have students create a little classroom museum of artifacts, you may not have enough space to print everything that they would want to write about those artifacts. A QR code that links to an audio recording can be the solution to that problem.