Even though I write a lot about Google Earth and Google Maps, there is more to digital mapping than just using those tools. In fact, there are some great digital mapping tools not made by Google that students can use to create things like historic map overlays, map and timeline combinations, and map-based stories. 

In this Digital Mapping playlist you’ll find 48 tutorial videos that I’ve made covering more than just Google Maps and Earth. In the playlist you’ll find tutorials on things like NatGeo Mapmaker, Felt Maps, USGS map tools, making animated maps, and much more. Some highlights from the playlist are embedded below.  

Create Custom Maps With the National Geographic Map Maker

How to Create a Multimedia Map With Scribble Maps – No Email Required!

Two Ways to Create Multimedia Maps in Padlet

How to Overlay Historic Maps onto Google Earth Imagery

How to Create Coloring Maps of Neighborhoods, Cities, States, and Provinces