DOGOnews is a student news site offers features articles for K-8 students. DOGOnews covers current events stories in the areas of science, sports, entertainment, and variety of topics that fall under the banner of social studies. Teachers can find stories by browsing the categories, filtering by grade level, or filtering by grade level. 

This morning when I was looking at DOGONews I noticed an article about Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day is coming up May 6th. This is an annual event that more than 2,300 retailers participate in to give away comic books. Learn more about it in the DOGOnews article.

More About DOGONews

All articles on DOGOnews are accompanied by a list of vocabulary words, standards alignment, a read-aloud option, and two reading level options. 

You can share DOGOnews articles with your students in a few different ways. You can create an DOGOnews classroom account. In your classroom account you can post articles with notes and questions attached to them. 

DOGONews has a simple “share to Microsoft Teams” next to every article. 

DOGOnews also has a Google Classroom integration. The following video demonstrates the Google Classroom integration.