One of the co-creators of Thumper (2016), an acclaimed rhythm action game that eventually got VR support, has announced a new VR-first game called Thrasher with some totally unique-looking gameplay.

While Thumper was a flatscreen game first with an eventual VR mode, the upcoming Thrasher will be the reverse—Thrasher is being built with motion controls in mind and will launch first as a VR-only game on Quest and PC VR next year, with a flatscreen version coming at some point further down the road.

It’s a bit hard to tell exactly how the gameplay will work from the initial trailer, so here’s some context going in:

THRASHER is a mind-melting cosmic racer and an essential audiovisual experience. Swoop, dash and thrash across the void, taking on wild bosses in a race for survival that begins at the dawn of time.

Immerse yourself in a dazzling adventure across space, where music, visuals and gameplay mesh into one transcendent experience.

Thrasher is being developed by indie studio Puddle, which is comprised of Thumper co-creator Brian Gibson and Mike Mandel (Rock Band VR, Fuser, Fantasia: Music Evolved).

From what we gather, players will guide the ‘eel’ around using their motion controller, almost like waving a ribbon around on the end of a stick. It doesn’t sound exactly like a rhythm game proper, but something of an audio-visual extravaganza.

We love seeing creative VR gameplay and Thrasher certainly looks intriguing!

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